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BPC consolidation application from "scratch", populating it with both master data (dimensions, dimension members, business rules, script logic) and transactional data (monthly summary data from a transactional system such as an SAP ERP or ECC system). The following pages in this wiki will walk the reader through creating the necessary applications, dimensions, dimension properties, and dimension members for a BPC consolidation application set. The applications will then be populated with both master data (dimension members, hierarchies and property values), and transactional data (revenues, expenses, currency exchange rates, ownership relationships between a fictitional software company and its partners and subsidiaries.

Prerequisites The steps in this walk through assume the reader has basic functional experience with BPC 7.x and is familiar with how to create and modify dimensions and applications within an application set using the BPC Administrator's console, and is familiar with how to run BPC Data Manager packages and create simple EVDRE reports within BPC for Excel client.

Why a BPC For us non-accountant types, I am assuming that the concept of a planning application, and the need for budgeting and forecasting, as well as measuring our actual spending against our estimated/budgeted amounts is not difficult to relate to. Many of us probably have our own monthly budgets, and idea of how much of our pay cheque remains from pay period to pay period, even if the numbers themselves are not formally put on paper, or in a spreadsheet.