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Android Android is the name of the mobile operating system made by American company; Google. It most commonly comes installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets from a host of manufacturers offering users access to Google’s own services like Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and more. This means you can easily look for information on the web, watch videos, search for directions and write emails on your phone, just as you would on your computer


  • Java Object oriented concepts
  • Java Basics [Tokens]
  • Type casting and Visibility
  • Arrays and Operators
  • Control Statements
  • Class Fundamentals
  • Inheritance, Interface and package
  • Multithreading and Exception Handling
  • Java Annotations and IO
  • Generics and Collection Classes


Who are Eligible to be Android Developer Holding a degree in any IT correlated technical field is the primary concern to be an Android developer that is something like you are having a passport that permits you to go abroad. You must hold degree in the following IT field or pursuing in the following field. B.E/B.Tech, B.C.A, M.C.A, B.Sc (I.T), M.Sc (I.T), Diploma in IT or Computer.