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BAS is a one stop shop for IT services, Third party testing services, Recruitment services & Training services. BAS concentrates on its vision of building up strong customer and business partnerships. To this end, BAS offers an unmatched flexibility with its custom built solutions. BAS's service method is comprehensive in maximizing efficiency. Most importantly, our methodology is practical and designed according to our clients' needs and requirement. BAS believe in preparing a candidate to become a efficient real time Consultant.

BAS is a leading global talent development organization and knowledge service to buils SAP education program that would train well developed SAP professionals.

We understood the requirements of the learners, so we provide quality training at an affordable pricing. We also provide customized materials prepared by our reliable trainers for the advantage of our learners.

BAS is providing round the clock customer service to address the issues of our customers at the earliest possible without leading to complications.

Bas assists the learner in their Resume Build up to meet the corporate standards and provides job assistance by forwarding the resume to our corporate clients. Our learners left us with a proven track record of providing successful training by excelling their IT careers in top MNC companies in all parts of the world. .

What make us different from others

Exceptional Domain experts.
Flexible and up to date Course content.
Free Demonstration sessions.
Live interactive sessions.
Real time case studies.
Sophisticated and professional tools for web based training.
Hassle free Server access without any interruption.
Practical session with trainer after every week to know the grasping level of the learners.
Affordable pricing.
Access to recorded videos from our servers.
Resume build up.
Placement Assistance